Tested expert advice that drives real solutions for stakeholders

Beyond the development and review of financial models, business leaders, boards, financiers, and investors often require quantitative analysis and problem solving insights as an extension of their existing decision-making, research, or consulting teams.

Fintega provides advisory services to both sides of the transaction equation.


Advice to business leaders, boards, and investing parties

Fintega provides specialist advice as a consultant to company boards and business executives either independently, or as an extension to existing teams of advisors or consultants. Fintega’s depth of experience, problem solving, and analytics skills ensure that entities are able to build and implement bulletproof financial models that drive investment returns, fair transaction valuations, and certainty for stakeholders.


Additional support for other firms

Other auditing or financial modelling divisions of professional service firms often find themselves stretched for resources with complex assignments within tight deadlines. Fintega provides this overflow capacity as a white label service. This ensures that clients remain those of the professional services firm under which Fintega operates.

In the past Fintega has worked as part of modelling teams at PWC and other global professional services firms.

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