Evaluate risk and solve problems

Risk makes the world go round. Every business decision made is calculated based on the level of risk exposure. However, C-level executives, company boards, and executive management seldom understand the real financial value of the risk that might be associated with a particular decision.

Fintega specialises in assisting companies to get a detailed understanding of financial risk exposure through the development, review, and stress testing of financial models. Having a clearly documented mathematical model that aggregates risk exposure allows,

  • Increased certainty for company boards
  • Better justification of major transaction or management decisions
  • Greater assurance for auditors and regulators
  • Increased certainty for shareholders and other stakeholders


Analyse probability

Calculating likely probabilities of outcomes based on a number of scenarios gives management and boards more information, from which a decision can be made. Fintega builds and analyses financial models that provide an efficient decision making tool for company executives and investors.

Building the right models for risk, as it relates to revenue, is important to ensure the long-term stability and growth capacity of an organization.

Fintega specialises in providing mathematical analysis to the gaming industry.

Contact Fintega to ensure that mathematically you’re on the right side the risk curve.