Fintega works with professional service firms across the world to add additional capacity to their auditing and consulting teams. Professional service firms that require additional support to achieve promised outcomes by tight deadlines on complex projects can use Fintega’s services under their own brand.

Fintega provides white label services to global professional service firms who are providing financial models and insights into transactions for large companies. We ensure that clients we work for on behalf of professional services remain clients of the firms we contract to.


Fintega can provide the following benefits to professional services firms:

  • Additional model development support to overloaded teams
  • Model development and review for projects with short and tight deadlines
  • A premium level of experience on more complex projects that less experienced analysts might not be able to meet

Fintega has provided white label support to global professional services firms such as PWC.

If you’re a professional services expert in need of additional financial modelling support, contact Fintega.