Excel proficiency training from the one of world best financial model developers

Fintega work with organisations to equip staff responsible for financial models and accounting processes to manage, monitor, and report financial information using Excel spreadsheets.

Fintega believes that individuals with an understanding of Excel can turn a good spreadsheet into a world-class spreadsheet that provides the following advantages:

  • Improved reporting efficiency Increased financial management efficiency.
  • Higher quality financial information.
  • More user-friendly models that can be understood on more levels.
  • More effective models that deliver clear and outcome orientated financial data for improved decision making.


Turning the accomplished into the extraordinary

Fitnega conducts bespoke training for individuals or larger groups. The Excel training that Fintega delivers is structured around the skill level of the participants and the required outcomes for the participating organization. Fintega provides Excel training both in Australia and globally to professionals in many roles, including,

  • Financial accountants
  • C-Level executives
  • Company boards
  • Treasurers
  • Bankers and traders
  • Private equity investment managers
  • Professional services accountants and consultants

Contact us and ensure that your financial teams are the most efficient Excel users in your industry.